Asphalt Seal Coating in Fort Worth, Your Secret Weapon Against Pavement Damage

April 22, 2019

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Asphalt seal coating of a Fort Worth property is vital for asphalt driveways and parking lots, protecting that material from premature damage and excessive wear and tear. While asphalt should last for many years before it needs repair or replacing, harsh sunlight, extreme weather conditions, and overly heavy traffic will shorten its lifespan. A regular sealcoat of a Fort Worth property, as well as a few other simple steps in maintaining that pavement, will increase its overall durability and longevity.

Note some vital tips for keeping your parking lot, as well as adjoining walkways, driveways, alleys, and other such surfaces in good repair. It’s also helpful to consider why a sealcoat is so vital for your property so you can discuss this option with an asphalt paving contractor in Fort Worth as needed.

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  • Regular seal coating is vital for asphalt and concrete as a layer of fresh sealant acts as a barrier between pavement and corrosive moisture, snow-clearing salt, sunlight, and other damaging elements.
  • Sealant also helps to bind asphalt or concrete so that it's less likely to chip, flake, spall, develop ruts, or crack.
  • Professional power washing removes motor oil and other corrosive fluids that dry and damage asphalt and concrete. Pressure washing also cleans residual snow salt, fertilizers and other lawn care chemicals, soot from passing vehicles, acid rain residues, and other such debris, protecting pavement from damage.
  • Avoid piling snow and ice onto concrete or asphalt during wintertime, as excess moisture from melting snow breaks down paving materials, softening them and causing them to crack and chip over time.
  • Snow can also hold salt, mud, sand and silt, and other corrosive elements against pavement, also causing damage.
  • Ensure your property is graded or sloped properly, to allow for runoff of excess moisture. Proper grading avoids standing water on driveways and roadways, keeping pavement dry and free of damaging water and excess moisture.
  • Have your landscaping professional blow leaves, twigs, grass clippings, and other such debris off the pavement when they take care of your property’s lawn. Removing that debris will keep added moisture as well as residual weed killers and other damaging materials off asphalt and concrete, reducing the risk of premature damage.
  • Note if your snowplow service uses skid plates under their buckets and snow blowers, to keep their equipment from scraping asphalt and concrete as they clear your lot.
  • Repairing small areas of damage, such as potholes, chips, cracks, ruts, and spalling will keep those imperfections from becoming more substantial over time! Broken and chipped areas along the surface of asphalt or concrete also allow those materials to absorb moisture and corrosive chemicals, causing them to break down prematurely. Speedy repair of even small potholes and cracks will then prolong the life of your property’s asphalt and concrete.
  • A chip seal of a Fort Worth property’s pavement fills in larger areas of minor damage while adding a layer of protection between asphalt and harsh sunlight, extreme weather conditions, and other causes of damage. Chip sealing also corrects what is called raveling, or the loss of aggregate in asphalt.
  • Repaving your parking lot, meaning the addition of a fresh layer of asphalt or concrete over the current material, will fill in large areas of damage as well as minor cracks and chips. Repaving extends the life of your parking lot and roadways so that you don't need to tear them out and replace them as often.

An asphalt paving contractor in Fort Worth or installer in your area can also provide specific recommendations on how to prolong the life of your property's pavement in particular, based on your area’s weather conditions, wear and tear to that pavement, and other such factors. An asphalt paving company can also typically note if your property needs better drainage, if your snow clearing company is damaging your lot, or if you can make other such improvements to your asphalt maintenance routine.

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How to Enhance the Appearance of Your Commercial Lot and Property

Treating your parking lot and other such areas of your property with regular commercial seal coating in Fort Worth will enhance the appearance of asphalt, but this is not the only way to keep your lot looking its best! Consider some simple tips for improving the look of your property, including the parking lot and outside pavement, so your building's exterior always looks inviting and welcoming to staff, tenants, customers, clients, and other guests.

  • Never underestimate the importance of proper lawn care and landscaping. Cover bare areas of your property's lawn with fresh sod and add some hearty flowers next to your building for color and a welcoming look.
  • Your property's exterior should be inspected daily for needed trash pickup and other minor cleanups. Even small debris such as cigarette butts and candy bar wrappers can significantly detract from the look of a parking lot and walkways, so ensure you sweep these every day. Hiring a parking lot sweeper to clean the lot on a regular basis can also greatly enhance its overall appearance.
  • Add lighting to your parking lot and property's exterior as needed. Outside lighting, even during the day, can make a lot look brighter and more welcoming, and can shine a spotlight on flowers, your business signage, the building’s entryway, a flag, and other such areas of interest.
  • Remove and replace any worn signage or banners, and especially tattered flags, as soon as they become damaged or outdated.
  • Touch up outside paint on your signs, advertising materials, and other such lettering, so that you avoid having your property look rundown and neglected. Fresh paint also ensures potential visitors can clearly see your building and find its entryway.
  • When you need repaving of your property's asphalt or concrete, consider choosing a material with a decorative aggregate. Aggregate gives concrete or asphalt texture for added traction, but decorative gravel, pebbles, and the like will add color and style to your parking lot and walkways, to enhance their overall appearance.

It’s also an excellent idea to discuss ways of improving your property’s appearance and safety with your commercial Fort Worth asphalt seal coating installer. An asphalt paving company is often your best partner in the overall appearance and condition of your building, and can offer personalized recommendations on ensuring your property always looks its best.

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