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Have you recently noticed the number of asphalt paving in Granbury projects you see? That's because asphalt is becoming an increasingly popular material when paving sidewalks, streets, highways, and more. It's affordable, easy to install and maintain, and boosts the appearance of the area it was laid while remaining extremely durable under any conditions.

Our asphalt paving company has learned the most efficient ways to do paving, sealcoating, parking lot painting, and all other asphalt services in the past 45 years we've been in business. There's nothing you could put in front of us that we would turn away for any reason. Let us show you what we can do for your residential, commercial, or industrial location. Get started with your FREE consultation by calling or clicking the button below!
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"Thank you so much for the work you guys did. Our parking lot was done fully and it looks beautiful."


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Our Asphalt Paving in Granbury Puts You in Charge of Your Project

Have you ever hired someone to do a job at your residential or commercial location only to feel as though they were taking control? It happens from time to time, but when you choose us, we put you in the driver's seat. We will keep you informed of everything that's happening along the way, and if you don't agree, we won't do it. It's your money, your home or business, and you should be in charge.

You'll never be tricked or forced into making a decision that you're not entirely comfortable with. Asphalt paving is a significant task, and you deserve to have it done the way it's meant to be without blemishes, cracks, dips, or other problems. We promise it'll be done to your exact specifications, and we GUARANTEE your 100% satisfaction. Call now to get started.

Every Option for Asphalt Paving Available

The Chip Sealing Choice

There isn't only one possibility when it's time to do asphalt paving in Granbury. We want you to know what all your choices are, and one of those is the more cost-friendly chip sealing option. It's cheaper because it's not 100% asphalt, but it's still extremely tough and practical when used in the correct areas. Find out if it's the best choice for you and your budget by calling us today.

Superior Seal Coating

After you purchase a car, you get regular oil changes. Just like with any substantial investment, you do what you can to protect it. That's what seal coating in Granbury does for your asphalt. It's a service that's required at regular intervals if you want to extend the life and appearance of what you've paid for. Our honest asphalt contractors will let you know if it's time.

Quick Asphalt Crack Repair

You've already gone through the process of having your asphalt paving project done, so the last thing you want to do is mess up your routine with asphalt crack repair. Regardless of how careful you are, it's going to happen over time. Our qualified crew will get in and get the job done quickly so that we can get out of your way. Call for convenient scheduling.

Asphalt Paving Contractors You Can Rely On

45 Years of Experience

There aren't many asphalt companies in Granbury that you're going to find that has nearly a half a century of experience. We've been doing this for so long, other asphalt contractors come to us with their questions. Skip the research and trust we're the ones to do the job right.


You wouldn't buy anything that costs more than a few dollars without knowing that you can get your money back. We want you to feel pleased with your purchase. That's why you get a solid WARRANTY included with every service. If something happens, let us know. We will fix it.

Competitive Rates

We have seen dishonest asphalt paving crews in Granbury take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. That's not what we do. We value integrity, and you can rest assured that we keep our prices in line with the industry standards. Get a FREE quote and see for yourself!

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