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45 Years of Experience

Within our asphalt paving company in Fort Worth, you're going to find over 45 years of experience working with this unique material. There is a right way and a wrong way to lay asphalt, and we have learned how to get it perfectly right every single time.

Locally Owned

You might be able to find other asphalt paving contractors in Fort Worth willing to do your project. They may even offer you a cheaper rate. However, those places often take your money and run. When you work with us, you are helping your own community!

Reasonable Prices

There is a range of quotes that you have the opportunity to obtain when researching asphalt paving in Fort Worth. We use the best materials available to give you a seamless result. By doing that, we can give you a reasonable price others can't.

Affordable Chip Seal in Fort Worth

Understanding Chip Seal in Fort Worth

If you aren't familiar with asphalt paving in Fort Worth, don't worry about it. We get all kinds of questions at Fort Worth Asphalt Paving from customers that want to know more about how we do things and what some of the industry terms mean. One of the most popular inquiries involves chip seal in Fort Worth. It's a process that is similar to asphalt paving, but instead of using 100% pure asphalt, we layer asphalt and aggregate alternatively. You are now probably wondering why we would do that. The main reason is that it's a lot more affordable. A tar and chip driveway in Fort Worth isn't going to be what everyone wants or needs though, so talk to one of our professionals before deciding if it's for you.
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Chip and Seal Roads in Fort Worth

The best place for chip and seal roads in Fort Worth along with other chip seal services is going to be places that don't see a ton of heavy traffic. With the alternating layers of materials, the final result isn't quite as durable as a standard asphalt or concrete job. As a result, it's going to wear down a lot more quickly. Many of our customers will go with a chip sealed pathway when the budget it tight because it's a lot better than leaving the area untreated.

Simple Repairs with Chip Seal in Fort Worth

Chip and seal in Fort Worth isn't just for new roads either. Over our 45 years of experience in the industry, we have learned that it can also be an affordable way to do repairs on existing roads. Much like a sealcoating in Fort Worth, chip and seal is a way to protect and stop water from getting through. Instead of having to do a complete replacement, the chip and seal can be applied for a quick and easy fix. If you have a road or pathway that is on an incline, the material when applied properly also provides skid resistance for vehicles that may otherwise have a difficult time.
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Chip Sealing in Fort Worth with a GUARANTEE!

Even though chip sealing in Fort Worth isn't our primary focus, it still comes with the same 1-year guarantee that the rest of our services do. As long as you aren't overworking the surface, we will come back and do any necessary repairs that are needed because of our materials or labor processes.
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More Than Just Driveway Paving in Fort Worth

Not all asphalt companies in Texas provide the range of services that we do. If it involves paving in any way, there's a good chance that we can take care of it for you. Just call us and discuss what you have in mind, and we will go over all the details with you. As a locally owned and operated business, we can give you the personal attention that you're looking for when making this type of investment.

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